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Earlier days it needs a huge amount of money to buy a machine to measure vehicles, but today technology has changed a lot and has come with advanced machines, which are very much affordable too. But it is not easy to choose the perfect machine as there are various types of these machines in the market. Here are some tips about buying such a machine, which will help you to take a decision.

A good quality steel weighbridge from reputed portable truck scales can last for many years depending upon the traffic and maintenance and the benefit of this type of bridge is that it needs small maintenance cost. But if you buy concrete or composite bridge, then it will last longer than the steel bridge.

The main problem of using concrete bridge is that it is too weighty and it can weigh up to 60 ton at a time. For this reason most of the people prefer steel weighbridge because it is much easier to assemble and handle. However, choosing the right weighbridge services will offer you the perfect solution of all your needs.

If you have to make surface mounted bridge, then you have to build a long ramp that it can cover all the parts of the vehicle. If the ramp is not enough for vehicles, then it can damage the bottom part of the deck and it is also recommended to build a flat apron at the top of a ramp. If you use block weights, then the extended apron is not needed but if the apron is little small, then it can save a notable amount of wear and tear at the weighbridge. It will also help to reduce the cost of the maintenance and other costs as well and also enhances the life time of the deck.

People make a common mistake that they buy those weighbridges which have the same proportion of their vehicle but it is great mistake. No matter what will be the size of the deck you will still get the same amount of accurate measurement. If you want to buy a weighbridge for your personal use only, then a non-trade bridge will be perfect for you. But if you have to make it use for trading purposes, then you should buy a trade bridge and it is costlier than the non-trade bridges and the installment as well as the equipment is also costly for the first timers those who are installing them.  Do not buy the cheapest weighbridge and have chaser bin scales because the maintenance cost is low and it can last only for a few years.