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A lot of people who does not have a car yet are very excited to drive their own car and assume that it is as easy as owning a cellphone, thinking that they only need to worry about the gases and maintenance and that if ever a problem occurs then they could easily call a mechanic. Generally, it is true, but lacking the knowledge and awareness that they need would also lead them to spending more money because of the damages caused by their mistake.

Not having to change the oil on time

Oils are the blood of the car, it keeps everything going, to make the car fully functional without experiencing any errors. Like the engine, oil is one of the basic essentials of the car,this is because the car has a lot of parts that are constantly moving everytime you use it which creates friction and denotes to heat, by keeping the parts well-lubricated, it cools down the parts that will help avoid wearing down and over heating of the engine and other components. Without this, the car’s lifespan if not repaired right away by a mobile mechanic Sutherland Shire.

Having the wrong fuel

Putting the wrong fuel in your car is like drinking poison into your body which will create so much damage to your car. If you know that you put in the wrong fuel then you have to act on it as soon as possible and call in a mechanic for wrong fuel rescue because misfuelling the car will lead to so much expenses such as needing a new engine, filters, fuel pump, and a new fuel tank. Always be attentive of the fuel you are to put, because this mistake will be an expensive one to have.

Not checking the tire pressure

If you are experiencing sudden vibrations while on the road and that your car handling is a little bit off, then you have an unbalanced tire. An unbalanced tire or set of tires could cause great damage to your car. When this happens, it increases the wear and tear of the tire because one part is going through a lot of stress which will be the cause of flat or falling apart. It will also decrease the fuel efficiency. Always check the pressure of your tires, especially whenever you go on long travels to prevent such event from happening.