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Motorbikes are an ideal way to beat the traffic. The ease of maneuvering in between multiple vehicles and the low fuel consumption makes it an ideal vehicle for most people. Of course there is the downside that motorbike riders are more likely to hurt themselves in an accident than car drivers due to the visible lack of protection. But by being a careful and safe driver, understanding the rules and regulations of the road and coming to terms with the fact that your safety is up to you; you can be a much safer driver.

Before you enroll yourself in any course for motorcycle training, it is important that you ensure you have average or above average coordination skills because a great amount of balance and focus is required when you are riding a motorbike. Look back and ask yourself if you had problems driving an automatic vehicle or if you found it difficult to balance yourself when riding a bicycle; if you can answer yes to at least one of them, then a motorbike might be a tad bit difficult to handle for yourself. Visit this link https://motodojo.com.au/sunshine-coast/ for more info on motorcycle training Sunshine Coast.

But if you are steadfast on your decision to ride a motorbike, then practice navigating a bicycle and once you are good at handling a bicycle you can go forth with a pre learner ride course. Commonly known as the q ride, it is an assessment initiative with a training that is based on competency and is fabricated in such a way to make sure you can prove that you reached the needed height of both knowledge and expertise for each chapter of the licensing system. Three levels are present which you need to pass through; the pre learner course is the first and is required to achieve a RE learner license, the Restricted (RE) course in order to get hold of a RE provincial or open license. The final hurdle is the R course which you need to complete in order to achieve a R provincial or open license. The eligibility for the pre learner course is that you must hold a car license for a period of at least one year.

Over the entire course you are required to prove your capabilities to handling a motorbike. The course must be undertaken on a motorbike that at the same class of the license you are trying to secure. This course cannot be completed on a bike that has additional side wheels attached, unless the maker has built it in such a way that it still handles like a standard motorbike.