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Crew cabs or pickups are a great vehicle option. Especially since they give their owners the ability to change almost anything and everything in them! You can always upgrade your crew cab or pickup’s outlook to suit your needs. You can easily convert it into a home on wheels with all the available motor spare parts. Here are some things you can add on to your vehicle for a better experience!

Buffer Sets

Are you a music fan? Who wouldn’t mind some loud music? By loud meaning ear blasting loud? Then you have many manufacturers who have speakers and buffer sets customized specially for crew cabs or pickups that are open and closed. You can enjoy blaring music on your truck that is immune to the outside noise. Get your vehicle installed with the best sets for an unmatched experience of fun and music!


Crew cabs and pickups now feature racks that are used not only for various needs but just for the beauty of them. You can get quality racks for your vehicle too, to give it that monstrous look! Racks especially the steel Ute racks serve as a safety for those travelling the open to hang on to it. Also they are useful when carrying different things where you can secure them to these racks. You can always contact a manufacturer of such vehicle racks to get a customized rack that suits your need and purpose. You will have many options to choose from such as bull bars, Ute racks, H rack, ladder racks and etc.


The latest trend is to get the open trunks of the cabs or pickups closed. Some do stylish modifications that match the exterior body of the jeep or truck. While some other opt for Ute canopies to enclose the trunk. These canopies can be of steel or any other kind. Some of these are converted into bedrooms and kitchens with a little bathroom. While some others contain just seats. There are some others that have been converted into a storage unit for especially people looking to do sales from city to city.

Sports Bars

Sports bars are a great addition to your vehicle that give it the much needed sporty look. There are many different kinds of bars available in the market made of a variety of materials. You can also get these bars customized to suit your needs. Sports bars are mainly used as a feature to add on to the beauty of the vehicle. It is also used as a means to transport bicycles and other sports related products. They are used to tie such products securely in place!